BabbleRoo Multi-Purpose Stroller Hooks


Lighten your load on parenting time with our versatile stroller hooks!

Unparalleled convenience on the go

Our BabbleRoo multipurpose stroller hooks are the perfect accessory for parents on the move. It's the solution to hands-free travels by carrying your diaper bag, shopping bags, purses, and even your kids' toys.  

A reliable and universal fit

Designed with a universal fit, these hooks effortlessly attach to any stroller, car headrest, wheelchair, buggie, prams, and even shopping trollies. You can also attach it to your bicycle! The sturdy and reliable construction ensures that your belongings stay secure and easily accessible. 

Discreet design

Our stroller hooks are made with sturdy aluminum and a strong velcro strap for extra security and hanging storage. It's installed in just 3 seconds, and our hooks can support up to 13 lb (6kg) in weight. 

Safety note: To prevent tipping, always remove items on the stroller hooks before removing the child from the stroller.