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6 Ways You Can Repurpose A Versatile Diaper Bag For Newborns

6 Ways You Can Repurpose A Versatile Diaper Bag For Newborns

A diaper bag is an essential accessory for any parent, designed to carry all your baby's necessities. But its use doesn't have to end there. With a little creativity, your diaper bag can serve you long after your baby outgrows diapers. Here’s how you can maintain and repurpose a versatile diaper bag, ensuring it remains a functional and comfortable part of your daily life.

Why I wanted to repurpose a diaper bag

Diaper bags are usually used for 3-5 years, from infancy to toddlerhood. When your kid is potty trained, you don’t need to bring many diapers while you’re out. Instead, you can use the diaper bag to bring other things, like bottles and formula. 

By the time your kid is five and starting school, you don’t need to use a diaper bag anymore. At this age, you can consider storing it for future use if you plan to have more kids, or you can give it away to friends and family who might need it. 

When I couldn’t find anyone I knew who needed a diaper bag, I knew I wanted to repurpose mine. 


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How I chose a versatile diaper bag

Here were some of the factors I considered when choosing my diaper bag:

  • Functional features: If I wanted to repurpose a diaper bag, I needed one with lots of storage and compartments to keep everything organized. 
  • Neutral design: The diaper bag should be stylish and suitable for various occasions, like travel and work. 
  • Comfortable to carry: I wanted a diaper bag that had padded straps or handles, making it comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. 
  • Durability: Opt for high-quality materials that can withstand frequent washing and heavy use.

After a lot of research and considering my options for a convenient diaper bag, I eventually settled on BabbleRoo’s diaper backpacks. They easily ticked off all the things I was looking for in a diaper bag: High-quality, spacious compartments, stylish, practical features, and comfortable shoulder straps. 


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How I repurposed my diaper bag

I repurposed my diaper bag as a work bag, a grocery bag, a carry-on bag for travels, and a few more occasions! Here’s how I did it:


Using a diaper bag as a work bag

If you’re a working mom with a diaper backpack that has a more neutral design, you can use it as your work bag. Some of the ways I can repurpose my diaper bag is by making use of the compartments inside to store all of my work essentials, like stationery, notebooks, and chargers. Another diaper bag feature I repurpose is the padded changing pad, which has helped me store and protect my laptop while I travel to work. 

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Using a diaper bag as a travel carry-on bag

I’ve used my diaper bag as my carry-on for a few overnight trips, and I loved it! My diaper bag has helped me store snacks, travel documents, personal belongings, and my sweatshirt when I’m not wearing it. A couple of times when I splurged on too many things to bring back home, I used my diaper bag to hold smaller souvenirs or a few clothes that couldn’t fit in the suitcase. 

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As for solo overnight trips, I also used my diaper backpack to store two to three outfits, a small pouch of my toiletries, and my belongings. 

Carry-on policies at local airports

I’ve flown with my BabbleRoo diaper backpack a couple of times, and so did my husband on separate trips in the past. While the size of our diaper backpacks fit the airport requirements for the carry-on size, it’s important to check before you start packing. Here are a few airlines we’ve flown with and their carry-on policies as of 2024: 

  • American Airlines: 22 x 14 x 9in and everything including handles and wheels must fit in the sizer at the airport.
  • Delta Airlines: Max. 22 x 14 x 9 inches high respectively. Total of length plus width plus height may not exceed 45 inches. Weight restrictions apply only when departing Beijing (22 pounds), Shanghai (22 pounds) or Singapore (15 pounds)
  • United Airlines: Max 22 x 14 x 9 in. 
  • Alaska Airlines: Max. 22x14x9 in. Total length plus width plus height must be less than 45in. 

If your airline isn’t in our list, you can check out a more detailed travel carry-on guide for 2024 here!



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Other ways you can repurpose your diaper bag

  • Gym bag: My husband uses the diaper bag for this occasion once or twice a week when he goes to the gym on the weekends. He’s told me how our diaper backpack helped him organize his gym clothes, water bottles, small towels, and his belongings. He’s joked a few times about getting another diaper bag for this reason!
  • Grocery bag: If you have a diaper tote bag, you can consider repurposing it as a grocery bag. I’ve tried it once with my sister’s old diaper bag and surprisingly, it worked! It’s great for quick grocery runs where you’re not buying too many items, but if you plan to buy a week’s worth of groceries, bring along an extra bag just in case. 
  • Craft bag: Besides groceries, parents of artsy kids can use the various pockets for storing supplies, making it easy to grab and go for any crafting session.
  • Toy storage: A diaper tote bag is also great to store your kid’s toys in the playroom, or the corner of your living room. Some of the things you can keep in a diaper bag for toy storage are building blocks, stuffed animals, and even their soccer ball!
  • School bag: Another unique way you can repurpose a diaper backpack is to make it your kid’s school bag! 


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Maintaining your diaper bag

While repurposing our diaper bag, let’s work on giving it the TLC it needs!

How to wash a diaper bag

One of the ways I keep my diaper bag looking brand new is by regular cleaning. I usually wipe down and clean my diaper bag once a week, but I make sure to wash the diaper bag once a month or more. If I’m going on a trip with my family, I’ll also clean my diaper bag so it’s ready to be packed!

 Here are some steps to keep my diaper bag clean:

  • Empty the diaper bag: Before washing it, I remove all items inside, like my son’s toys, unused diapers, and clothes. If the clothes are used or dirty, I usually dump them into the laundry pile for separate washing
  • Check the pockets: Besides emptying the diaper bag, I also like to check the pockets and compartments for expired snacks or loose crumbs. If there are any, I just throw them away or shake them out. 
  • Pre-treat stains: Once the inside is clean, I’ll check the outside of the bag for any stains or spots. I usually treat this with gentle stain remover and warm water.  
  • Gentle cycle: On days when I wash my diaper bag, I use warm soapy water and place the bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 
  • Air dry: After washing, I hang the bag to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and material damage.

For more diaper bag washing tips, check out our guide here


How do I organize a diaper bag?

An organized diaper bag saves me so much time and stress while I’m out, so I always make sure to reorganize it once a week. Some of the ways I organize my diaper bag are:

  • Categorizing the items: I separate my son’s items based on their categories, like feeding, diapering, and clothes, and I store them separately in different diaper bag compartments. This saves me a lot of time, especially when I need to grab certain items in emergencies, like last-minute diaper changes. 
  • Optimizing storage: Another way I keep my diaper bag items organized is through diaper bag organizers. They’re pouches with labels and I love how they keep everything organized without making my diaper bag too bulky. I got mine from EasyBaby on Amazon, and I love how color-coded they are! You don’t know how many times I constantly grabbed the wrong pouch in the past when I had same-color pouches in the past. 
  • Frequent cleanup: When reorganizing my diaper bag, I like to remove items I no longer need to keep it light and manageable. For example, I like to switch out the tissues and wet wipes if they’re running low and I also change the toys my son wants to bring out that week. 
  • Keep essentials accessible: Besides wet wipes, I like to keep diapers in pockets that are accessible. These pockets are usually spacious and make things easier to grab instead of the items getting stuck when you need them. 

By following these repurposing and maintenance tips, your diaper bag can transform into an indispensable accessory for many aspects of your life. Whether as a daily work bag, a convenient gym pack, or even a handy travel tote, a good diaper bag’s life extends far beyond your baby’s first years. 

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